Even though it is not actually like getting a regular tattoo, permanent eyeliner is definitely a form of tattooing. Using state-of-the-art machines that consist of a low frequency needle, the artist will insert a certain pigment into the skin of your eyelids, thus ‘permanently’ drawing your eyeliner in the exact shape that you want. The permanent makeup eyeliner technique does not scab and does not cut into the skin with a blade. This is what makes the whole procedure completely non-invasive, and the fact that it also uses mineral-based pigments is also a plus. Bringing you power eyeliner training at its finest. Brow Master is offering a 2 day in person training will go over all the key skills. 




  • Basic anatomy of the eye
  • Basic wound healing
  • Theory
  • Fundamentals of eyeliner application
  • Eye Mapping
  • Lash enhancement, classic eyeliner, and power eyeliner.
  • Aftercare
  • Consultation
  • Marketing
  • List of vendors


  • Continue Practice on Latex
  • Live Model
  • Certification

* Lunch is included

Students have the option to come into Qube studio to shadow founder of Brow Master Academy/ Head Educator and Master PMU artist Sara Rusek. Students will have forever support via Brow Master Whatsapp group. All students receive 25% off future orders. Student kits come fully equipped to provide student the return on their investment. **Non-refundable $300 deposit required upon registration**